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They Are Counting on You Staying Silent

South Central Pennsylvania Sexual Harassment Attorneys

At the law firm of McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C., we get many inquiries about sexual harassment of younger female employees. The victims range from high school students working part-time jobs to recent college graduates entering the corporate workforce.

The common thread of the stories we hear is "the new girl" subjected to unwelcome sexual advances. The harassers are co-workers or often supervisors or managers. They know that young employees are less likely to assert themselves or report the abuse - because they don't know their rights or fear the repercussions.

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We Will Help You Assert Your Rights

Contact us if you were the victim, or if you are a parent whose daughter is reluctant to stand up for herself. We help clients find the courage to exercise their rights, including filing a lawsuit for damages if the employer does not address the problem immediately and appropriately.

What Constitutes Sexual Harassment?

  • Assaulting, groping or pressing against you
  • Unwelcome touching (caressing, massages, kissing, hugging)
  • Repeated requests for sex or dates
  • Demanding sexual favors to keep your job
  • Special treatment in exchange for sex
  • Comments about your body or what you are wearing
  • Sexually explicit jokes, pictures, e-mails or text messages
  • Sexual advances when you are "off duty"
  • Stalking
  • Retaliation for reporting harassment

Why Young Women Don't Report Sexual Harassment

  • The harasser has threatened violence if they tell anyone.
  • They fear they will be blamed, shunned or not believed.
  • They don't want their "friend" or the "nice old man" to get fired.
  • They tell themselves it's "not so bad."
  • They don't want to lose a good-paying job or derail a career.
  • There was a consensual relationship at one point.

But the harassment won't stop - and probably will escalate - unless you report it. Our lawyers will help you to document the harassment and file a formal complaint with your employer. No one will know you spoke with us unless you decide to take that step.

Explore Your Rights

Contact our Harrisburg office for a free initial consultation. In many cases, we do not take attorney fees unless we recover compensation.

Larry Weisberg is the contributing author to this content.