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The attorneys of McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C., support the objectives of well-conceived affirmative action and diversity policies in the workplace. Nevertheless, we recognize that clumsy attempts to open up the workforce to women and underrepresented ethnic groups can result in unfairness.

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If you feel that you're a victim of reverse discrimination in hiring, promotion, layoff or discipline, contact our office in Harrisburg for a free consultation with an experienced employment law attorney. We can analyze your situation to see whether you have damages claims against your employer for unfair policies, whether or not they were implemented for the right reasons.

Our lawyers can look for the signs of unlawful reverse discrimination in your job situation, such as double standards in hiring or promotion, specific quotas for the hiring of women or minorities, or selective methods for identifying the people most affected by layoffs.

In some situations, prohibited age discrimination can be disguised as affirmative action at the expense of higher-paid, more experienced workers. Our experience with the investigation and presentation of job discrimination claims can benefit white male workers just as well as it can work for women and members of minority groups.

Explore Your Legal Options for Reverse Discrimination Claims

Our experience with the litigation of employment discrimination cases can also point the way toward the most effective means of dealing with the situation under your specific facts, whether it involves a federal lawsuit or the private negotiation of comprehensive severance terms.

Learn more about our ability to protect workers unfairly affected by improperly conceived or implemented affirmative action programs. Contact McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C., in Harrisburg for a free consultation.

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