Pennsylvania Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer

Are You a Victim of Pregnancy Discrimination at Work?

One of the fastest-growing areas of workplace rights law in recent years concerns the claims of expectant or recent mothers for job discrimination. If you think you have suffered adverse action at work because of pregnancy or recent maternity, discuss your situation with a lawyer at McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C., in a free and confidential consultation.

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With a practice focused on employment law, our attorneys advise workers at all levels and in all industries about their right to freedom from harassment, discrimination or employer retaliation. There are many ways that pregnancy can be a factor in discriminatory management decisions at work:

  • Reluctance to hire recently married or childless women in certain age ranges out of concern they'll soon become pregnant
  • Failure to consider younger women for promotion on grounds they'll soon take pregnancy leave
  • Refusal to recognize pregnancy, maternity or paternity leave rights under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Demotion or unfavorable reassignment during periods of pregnancy at work, on pregnancy leave, or after return from maternity leave

Our job as employment attorneys is to find the most effective way to protect your rights under federal or Pennsylvania law. Pregnancy discrimination cases are typically filed first as administrative complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Pennsylvania Human Rights Commission (PHRC).

Both state and federal agencies typically become involved with the investigation of pregnancy discrimination complaints, but it is often up to us to decide whether to sue in federal or state court when the administrative investigation is complete. Our goal is to choose the forum that will give you the greatest chance at the largest available recovery.

If you suspect that pregnancy or family commitments have played a role in any adverse employer decisions at work, you might well be right. To learn about your right to damages for pregnancy discrimination under the facts of your case, contact McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C., in Harrisburg.

James McCarthy, Jr. is the contributing author to this content.