Pennsylvania Employment Discrimination Lawyer

Resolving Employment Discrimination Problems in Pennsylvania

Complaints of employment discrimination can be hard to prove. Sophisticated employers know how to disguise discriminatory treatment against groups as organizational changes or cost-cutting measures. Discrimination against individuals is often rationalized through slanted personnel performance files or disciplinary reports.

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At McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C., our employment attorneys know how to investigate and present discrimination claims that cut through the obstacles set up by companies determined to get away with unfair treatment. If you feel that you have been terminated, disciplined or otherwise treated unfairly on grounds of discrimination, contact our law firm in Harrisburg for a free and confidential consultation.

The steps our lawyers recommend in employment discrimination cases will depend on the specific circumstances of your case. After an initial investigation, we'll often file an administrative complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Pennsylvania Human Rights Commission (PHRC). Many employment discrimination cases are covered under both federal and state jurisdiction, and we can often choose between the state or federal courts as the best forum for pursuing your claims further.

We handle all kinds of employment discrimination claims on behalf of individuals and groups:

Whether your strongest claims arise under state law, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, or other federal statutes, our lawyers can advise you about your rights and the most effective ways of protecting them. Find out more about our experience with employment law claims based on unlawful discrimination — contact McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C., in Harrisburg.

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