Pennsylvania Wage & Hour Claim Lawyer

Protecting Your Rights in Wage and Hour Disputes

Major employers reward middle managers and supervisors for keeping costs down, and in tough economic times, squeezing labor expenses can look like the quickest route toward protecting profits when revenues are flat. If you think that the cost of your labor has been squeezed a little too hard, get the advice of an experienced attorney at McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C.

We advise hourly workers, salaried workers and sales professionals about their legal options for unpaid overtime or sales commissions and other wage and hour claims. In some cases, employees entitled to overtime pay are mis-classified as exempt and unlawfully required to work extra hours. In other cases, employees are required to change into uniforms, clean up work areas, or perform other tasks on their own time without compensation at all.

Employers often assume that the relatively small sums involved in an individual employee's wage and hour claim mean that it won't be economical to develop and present the claim. At our law firm, our lawyers can handle small employment law claims involving unpaid wages and overtime violations. We can also investigate the scale of wage and hour problems at a particular employer's business. If violations appear to be widespread, we can pursue the case as a class action under Pennsylvania or federal law, depending on the specific circumstances.

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With a longstanding focus on employment law issues, McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C., offers free consultations on potential wage and hour claims in many different industries: retail, restaurants, hotels, education, manufacturing and the service industries. Contact us in Harrisburg to learn more about your rights.

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