Reviewing Your Contracts

A contract is an agreement intended to be legally binding, where you give up something, and you get something. In the case of employment contracts, you are often getting a salary or wages. Other employment agreements attempt to get you to give up certain rights to which the law guarantees you.

Whether you are being hired as a regular employee or an independent contractor, you may have a contract or an implied contract. An implied contract is one where you have rights implied by existing "employee handbooks" or other documents the business keeps.

Noncompete Agreements

A common agreement requires you to refrain from operating a competing business after leaving your employer. A "noncompete agreement" should be reviewed by an experienced employment attorney at McCarthy Weisberg Cummings, P.C. We can tell you exactly what the contract demands, whether it is reasonable and whether we can improve it by contract negotiation. We offer this service at an affordable "fee for service" rate.

Title VII

It may seem offensive to be requested to forgo your right to redress for illegal discrimination. Such discrimination should be punished, and you should receive monetary damages. However, if you are being offered something valuable in return, such as a severance payment from a former employer, we are happy to discuss with you whether you wish to agree to it.

Finally, we can help you if you need to enforce the contract, or the employer seeks to force you to comply with certain terms. We know the law and have been practicing heavily in this area for many years. Some of our attorneys have financial expertise as certified public accountants. Contact a lawyer via e-mail or call us in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, at 866-716-2315 for a contract review or a free consultation about your legal options.

Larry Weisberg is the contributing author to this content.